Information meetings in Norway at the end of the mentoring program

The municipality

Information meeting with representatives of the municipality (Grimstad kommune)

At June 19th we had an information meeting at Kvalifiseringstjenesten in Grimstad. The agenda was information about results of LEGME, and presentation of the “Guidelines for mentors and mentor programme coordinators”.

Beside teachers and leaders at our school center for  adults,  the leader of  the office for pedagogical guidance and development services (VUT) and the leader of the office for refugee services and settlement (Flyktningetjenesten i Grimstad) were present. We also invited local representatives from Norwegain Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV).

Good discussions on how to implementate the guidelines took place, and we also discussed further development of the work of mentoring in the municipality.

Meetings with NGOs

Earlier in June we visited two local organizations with the purpose of information about LEGEME and spreading of the guidelines.

At June 10th we had a group meeting with representatives of the local women group of “The Red Cross” (Grimstad Røde kors).  They are running weekly activity among refugee women, and how to use mentoring in this work was discussed in the meeting.

Red Cross

At  June 15th we met the leader of SON (Sammen om nøden). SON is an IOGT based project who runs a local day- and activity center for people with alcohol and drug addictions. A focus in the meeting was: How to use mentoring among the centers target group.

Sammen om Nøden

Grimstad 2105

Gunnhild Bratland Nygård


Kick-off meeting in Norway

IMG_5136 IMG_5149 IMG_514321.08.2014 The mentor program in Grimstad  (Norway) had its official start. Ten mentees and ten mentors spent a couple of hours together. The three mentor trainers also participated. We think we have a great group. It will be very interesting following the group during the next months.